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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rick Torbett: Read and React offense


Just click on the pdf link to download the basketball coaching notes. I hope that you enjoy.

Coach Peterman

Rick Torbett Read and React Offense.pdf

1 comment:

  1. I think this is a great offense to teach kids how to play basketball. Because I had only 4 weeks of practice before the New England Super Regionals, I was able to only put in a few layers – dribble penetration including post slides, pass & cut & laker cuts.

    I had a lot of height on this team so I went with a 3-out 2-in set.

    Below is a link to some video highlights of my 12U team. While the video doesn’t necessarily have great “textbook examples” (I had limited game footage and many of the highlights are baskets off transition), notice the passing! I attribute much of this great teamwork to the principles of the R&R offense.


    Next year, I am looking to put in a few more layers. These kids are still very young and are soaking this stuff up!!!


    -Rakesh (“Coach Shukla”)